Markets: Retail

  • Sound Isolation – Sound transmission between adjacent tenant spaces is increasingly becoming a concern.  Incompatible tenant uses are often placed next to each other where high sound isolation is required.  Recent project examples include an architect’s office above a restaurant, an aerobics facility below private office space, a musical instrument and professional sound system showroom next to an art gallery, and a boxing studio next to a bank branch.
  • Audiovisual Systems – Audiovisual systems are increasingly being used to drive sales in retail environments through a variety of methods including digital signage, video commercials, and by setting the “mood” through background music.  From high energy youth clothing stores to upscale boutiques and themed stores, a properly designed audiovisual system from AEC can make an immediate impact on customers.

Audiovisual System Design

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Noise and Vibration Control

Control of background sound and vibration levels is important in every building from concert halls and recording studios, to classroom and office buildings. Read More >>

Environmental Acoustics

Noise from the outside environment can be very disruptive to any building, therefore the need for proper acoustical separation from outside environments is key to any building. Read More >>