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Markets: Government/Civic | Acoustical Engineering Consultants

Markets: Government/Civic

  • Background sound/vibration levels – As is the case in many other building types, government facilities require proper control of background sound and vibration levels to be successful.  Government offices have the same needs as commercial office buildings where control of background sound and vibration levels directly impacts workers productivity.  Government facilities have the added element of dealing with the public on a daily basis, where poor speech intelligibility caused by high background sound levels and excess reverberation can impact court proceedings, public hearings, council meetings, and other interaction between government employees and the public.
  • Sound Isolation – Speech privacy and sound isolation is an essential component of government facilities.  Courthouses, for example, require a high level of isolation between adjacent courtrooms, for interview rooms where attorney/client confidentiality must be maintained, and for judge’s chambers where sensitive information is discussed on a daily basis.
  • Reverberation – Controlling reverberation directly affects speech intelligibility in any environment.  Government facilities need to pay special attention to reverberation control because of the high levels of public interaction where poor hearing and varied English language understanding comes into play.
  • Audiovisual Systems – Quality sound reinforcement systems are essential to making sure everyone in a courtroom, civic center, or other public space can hear and understand properly.  Audiovisual systems are used everywhere in government buildings from presenting evidence in a courtroom to informing the public about a planned development.  Government building projects will require competitive bidding among prospective AV contractors, where consultant driven designs and specifications are a requirement.  AEC is adept at assessing the needs of any facility and providing a high quality, cost effective, and easy to use system that meets and exceeds client expectations.

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