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Markets: Industrial/Construction | Acoustical Engineering Consultants

Markets: Industrial/Construction

Industrial clients will often ask AEC to provide a comprehensive noise assessment and sound control package that addresses the worker, the factory environment, and the noise generating equipment.  Construction noise is also starting to finally be addressed, especially as construction companies increasingly request extended working hours to finish projects with a tight deadline or to work after normal business hours to not disturb nearby businesses.

  • Equipment Noise & Vibration Control – Industrial and construction equipment is almost always noisy.  Stamping, hammering, welding, cutting, pressing, and moving materials are just a few of the activities that generate high sound levels.  Noise impacts can occur on workers or nearby noise sensitive land uses.  Engineers at  AEC can assess the acoustic environment and provide sound reduction measures that range from equipment modification and barrier systems to building modification, time of use schedules, and hearing protection.

Corporate/Commercial Applications

Corporate and commercial facilities require special attention because if noise and vibration levels are uncontrolled then worker productivity can decline significantly; simultaneously, certain areas must remain isolated to provide an area for private conversations. Read More >>

Industrial Acoustics

Whether it be a a sports stadium or a road, the equipment used to construct buildings will produce sound. AEC can provide recommendations regarding methods of reducing noise and reducing the possibility of surrounding people becoming annoyed of the construction being done. Recommendations can also be made for pre-existing industrial facilities to reduce their noise output levels. Read More >>

Environmental Acoustics

Noise from the outside environment can be very disruptive to any building, therefore the need for proper acoustical separation from outside environments is key to any building. Read More >>