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Markets: Healthcare | Acoustical Engineering Consultants

Markets: Healthcare

“Noise is a well-documented source of stress in health care settings.  Noise from personnel, equipment, and visitors impacts patient privacy and sleep patterns.  In turn, noise increases stress levels for patients and caregivers.  According to research, hospitals that reduced noise levels had higher patient satisfaction, patients’ sleep improved, and their blood pressure lowered; similarly, staff in low-noise environments were more positive about their jobs and indicated improved sleep (Green Guide for Health Care Ver 2.2 pg 10-73).  The engineers and consultants at AEC are experienced in providing comprehensive noise control solutions for the health care environment.

  • HIPAA – Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) was enacted to protect patient health information.  Compliance with HIPAA Oral Privacy directives has made speech privacy in hospitals, medical offices, and other medical facilities a high priority.
  • Green Guide for Health Care, Version 2.2, January 2007 – Green building design specific to health care facilities is still in its infancy.  The existing Green Guide Version 2.2 is not yet a LEED® document, but it is anticipated that the upcoming LEED® for Health Care will adopt these standards.   Acoustical criteria in the Green Guide reference the 2006 AIA/AHA Draft Interim Sound and Vibration Design Guidelines for Hospital and Healthcare Facilities.  Elements of the acoustical environment addressed are exterior noise, acoustical finishes, and room noise levels.


The measurement, analysis, prediction and engineering of room acoustics including reverberation, diffusion, noise control, and sound isolation are paramount in every space and building. Read More >>

Noise and Vibration Control

Control of background sound and vibration levels is important in every building from concert halls and recording studios, to classroom and office buildings. Read More >>

Environmental Acoustics

Noise from the outside environment can be very disruptive to any building, therefore the need for proper acoustical separation from outside environments is key to any building. Read More >>