Markets Served

Consultants at AEC are exprienced in optimizing acoustical and audiovisual system designs for a variety of markets.  Acoustics, noise and vibration control, and consultant driven audiovisual systems should not only be reserved for the high profile performing arts centers and theaters where proper design is essential for the function of the facility.  AEC design services can and have been used for every project type in both planned and existing facilties; from noise control in open offices and lobbies to vibration monitoring of pile driving activities near historical buildings.  As more facilities are incentivised to design to “green” standards, the awareness for proper acoustical design is growing rapidly among owners, engineers, facilities managers, architects, and designers.  CHPS, HPI, and LEED® standards for schools require minimum acoustical design conditions be met to improve the quality of the indoor environment.  The upcoming LEED® certification for health care facilities also incorporates acoustical design criteria.  Please click on the specific market types listed to learn more about how acoustics, noise and vibration control, and audiovisual system design services from AEC can benefit your project.

Residential Areas

From controlling noise from traffic or HVAC systems to home theater design, controlling noise and vibrations are paramount in residential areas. Read More >>

Industrial/Construction Applications

Industrial and construction equipment is almost always noisy. Stamping, hammering, welding, cutting, pressing, and moving materials are just a few of the activities that generate high sound levels. Read More >>

Recording Facilities

Background sound levels must meet very strict standards, sound isolation is critical, and room acoustics is as important as the instruments themselves. Read More >>