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Audiovisual System Design | Acoustical Engineering Consultants

Audiovisual System Design

  • Relying on a contractor to provide an unbiased system design?  Think again.  While AV contractors often provide quality sound and video systems with an emphasis on ease of installation, they are also motivated to install specific products that they are exclusive dealers for and select equipment with the highest profit margins.  An owner, architect, engineer, or general contractor requesting bids from several AV contractors will get back several different designs in return.  Each design may “work” for the specific project, but the designs will vary considerably by cost, performance, features, ease of use, and more.  In addition, since the contractor is providing the design at a low rate or free of charge hoping to win the contract, the proposals often lack the detail necessary to be of any value to the design team.
  • A consultant driven design from AEC will avoid the pitfalls described above while providing a high quality audiovisual system tailored to the client’s needs.  AEC does not sell any equipment, thereby avoiding biases toward a specific brand or product.  Engineers at AEC also have the unique experience of designing, building, and testing custom speakers for critical home theater applications.  This ensures we will not be swayed by clever marketing schemes from manufacturer’s selling an inferior quality product at a premium price.  Bids from AV contractors based on an AEC design will truly be competitive because each contractor will bid on the same coherent set of specifications and drawings.  AEC designs with an in-depth knowledge of the acoustics within the space, ensuring the loudspeaker type, position, and aiming integrates with the architectural acoustics.

Recording Facilities

Background sound levels must meet very strict standards, sound isolation is critical, and room acoustics is as important as the instruments themselves. Read More >>

Houses of Worship

Worship spaces often need a balance between good acoustics for speech intelligibility and good acoustics for musical enhancement. Read More >>

Educational Facilities

Although acoustics in the classroom has been a concern and topic of discussion for over 50 years, only recently have designers and school districts embraced the need for good acoustics. Read More >>