Architectural Acoustics

AEC is adept at measuring, analyzing, predicting, and engineering all components of architectural acoustic design.  The need for special attention to acoustical design is fundamental performing arts centers and recording studios.  State, local, and federal building codes require that specific architectural acoustic standards be met for single and multi-family housing.  Increasingly, the need for proper acoustical design has penetrated all building types, from schools and hospitals to offices and worship spaces.

  • Field Testing Services – Noise Isolation Class (NIC), Normalized Noise Isolation Class (NNIC) Field Sound Transmission Class (FSTC) and Impact Insulation Class (IIC) tests of partitions, reverberation measurements
  • Analysis – Room acoustic modeling for prediction of reverberation times and room shape optimization.  Calculation of composite sound ratings of wall and floor/ceiling assemblies

Recording Facilities

Background sound levels must meet very strict standards, sound isolation is critical, and room acoustics is as important as the instruments themselves. Read More >>

Houses of Worship

Worship spaces often need a balance between good acoustics for speech intelligibility and good acoustics for musical enhancement. Read More >>

Educational Facilities

Although acoustics in the classroom has been a concern and topic of discussion for over 50 years, only recently have designers and school districts embraced the need for good acoustics. Read More >>